Suma Beach

Suma Beach : party in the forest outside of Istanbul

Forget the clubs of the Bosphorus, Taksim bars and Karaköy’s hipsters, for the second consecutive summer, people go to Suma Beach, 30-40 minutes outside of Istanbul.

Suma Beach was created last year with the merger of the club Wake Up Call and Sumahan, a space in Karaköy very avant-gardist, including music studios, offices, and apartments, where everything is done for young entrepreneurs to meet. It is in this spirit that was  imagined  the little paradise of Suma Beach on the shores of the Black Sea. Covering an area of ​​23,000 square meters, you will find a sandy beach, workshops with yoga or pilates weekdays,  and the weekend, at night: the party. Events are organized as a festival every Fridays and Saturdays nights with DJ line-ups  from midnight until 7 am in the forest, and after 7am on the beach.

You are probably asking yourself : why do people travel miles to party every weekend when they have everything they need in Istanbul?

I think there are several reasons. First, the place opened last June in the very special context of the anti-government protests, and the timing was perfect to bring together educated and creative young people under one roof.

Then, in my opinion, the Bosphorus clubs have become a little too bling-bling or Kiro (redneck in Turkish),they bored a lot of people in Istanbul. The service in those big clubs is more than bad, there are no DJ, no menus, no dancers and the atmosphere is often quite stuck.

In Suma people are not judged on the number of bottles they pop or the way they dress, everyone dresses like they want, often casually, and the music is a selection of the currently very best in Electro. The place also has much to do, because you can go relax in the hammocks or the couches when you are tired of dancing, and everything is donefor you  to meet new people ; once again the opposite of Reina or Anjelique concepts.

I would have imagined that the libertarian spirit of Suma in 2013 would not the same in 2014, that the place would be too crowded or that it wouldn’t have been the same atmosphere , but after going there three times since the opening on June 7, I can say that 2014 will be probably a very good year!

In Suma Beach I advise you to go late, around 2 am, the moment the DJ star makes his apparition and starts mixing great sounds. It is also the time when remains only the real party animals. The real party is between 2:30 ET 6:00 AM. After, for the more adventurous, there is the beach party and you may fall asleep in a deckchair.

To get there you can take the shuttle departing from Taksim or Hacıosman, schedules are unveiled every Thursday on their Facebook page but in general there is one per hour. The ride takes about 45 minutes from Taksim. A cab from the city is 80 TL, if you are 4 it is only 20 per person

In Suma Beach we sometime don’t know if we are in Istanbul, or in a scene from Paraísos Artificiais (the Artificial Paradise), a film about raving young Brazilians. But when you smell the grilled sucuk or hamburgers, you understand this is Turkey. In conclusion, even if it is place crowded with young electronic music fans, I suggest you get there once, just to see… Maybe you’ll like it.

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