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Trips to Turkey

A program that invites to travel to the two most mystical regions of Turkey: Set off on a week-long journey to discover Istanbul, the capital of three Empires – Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman – and Cappadocia, a region with lunar landscapes, including Göreme, Uçhisar, and Urgup.

Trips to Turkey

Istanbul is a crossroads between east and west, modernity and tradition, Christianity and Islam, but also a gastronomic crossroads where flavors and spices intersect and mix. The city itself is not uniform and each neighborhood stands out for its lifestyle, its dress codes, and its architecture. We offer you a glimpse, for a weekend, of this organized and bewitching chaos.

Daily visits

The Bosphorus is a 42 km long strait connecting the Sea of Marmara (in the South) and the Black Sea (in the North). It divides Istanbul into two parts, but also Europe and Asia. Do not miss this beautiful area during your stay in Istanbul.

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