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Visit the neighborhoods of the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus is a 42 km long strait connecting the Sea of Marmara (in the South) and the Black Sea (in the North). It divides Istanbul into two parts, but also Europe and Asia. Do not miss this beautiful area during your stay in Istanbul.

Istanbul’s Asian side

Istanbul straddles two continents: Europe and Asia. Come and discover the Asian part of Istanbul with among others the districts of Kadıköy, Moda, Kuzguncuk, or Caddebostan, but also its magnificent monuments.

Visit the Karaköy area

The Neighborhoods of Karakoy and Tophane, two neighborhoods that besides being among the oldest of Istanbul, are also among the most interesting to discover.

A day to the Princes’ Islands

Discover for a day the Princes’ Islands that were the favorite holiday spot of the Istanbulite elite during the Ottoman Empire, the old bourgeois mansions and old religious buildings, as well as the cosmopolitanism that is still present there.

Visit the districts of Fener and Balat

The districts of Fener and Balat are surely those with the richest history in Istanbul. Explore the colorful and fascinating streets of these neighborhoods that are still rarely visited during your stay in Istanbul.