Asian side of Istanbul: half-day tour to Kadıköy

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Kadıköy: The new cultural and arty center of Istanbul

Kadıköy, the center of the Asian side of the city, is today expanding and offers a quality of life unsurpassed in a growing Istanbul. Between its rich market, its rich musical and artistic culture, its quality of life and its open-mindedness, this is a place not to be missed when you are in Istanbul!

Kadıköy, formerly known as Chaceldon, was a city built before Byzantium by those whom King Byzas described as blind. It is now a vibrant neighborhood in the heart of Istanbul. It is here, the stronghold of the opposition but also of the supporters of Fenerbahçe, where the culture of the city and the country has been constantly reinvented for several centuries. A large number of artists, rockers, actors, writers, musicians, and designers have come here and created their own subculture.

Today, the neighborhood continues to attract all kinds of people not only because of its economic dynamism but also because of the quality of life it offers to newcomers.


We propose you a half-day tour in this surprising area. We meet on the European side of Istanbul and take the ferry to cross the Bosphorus and arrive by boat in the çarşı of Kadıköy, or market in English, in which the locals come in this incredible bazaar mixing tradition and modernity swarm at all hours.

We’ll share a typical breakfast before showing you the hipster cafes and boutiques close to an incredible market of fruits, spices, fish, historic pastries, and other goods of all kinds.

Kadıköy is also a serious intellectual vortex, and during this half-day, we will also tell you about the life of these artists. We will also make you discover the Ebru art, the ancestral Turkish tradition of water marbling used today in many fields such as fashion, cinema or contemporary art. We will then show you the beautiful street art in the district.

We will then go to the Kadıköy market to make you discover the emblematic products of Turkish culture and we will make you taste some local specialties.

We will then go to discover the literary and musical culture of the district, we will also talk about the rock and leftist culture of Kadıköy by taking you to meet the locals and its cult places.

We will finish the ballad by Moda, today the “Brooklyn of Istanbul”, a brilliant district by its creativity but also its lifestyle.



The walk starts at 9:00 am and ends around 2:00 pm. We send you the meeting place after confirmation.

We welcome a maximum of 8 participants as we think small groups are a better way to socialize and visit the city. It is also possible to privatize the visit if you wish.

We will make you taste some products during the day, no worries to adapt to vegetarians during our tour. We do not plan to have lunch.

The price is 45 € per person and includes all the products we will taste and transportation during the walk. We make discounts for children.


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