Culinary walk on two continents

  • Culinary tour on two continents

    We, at, and Turkish people, are truly passionate about food, and one of the things we worship here in Istanbul, and you’ll quickly realizing it is the food profusion everywhere, at any time of day or night. There is no time to eat !!

    Turkish cuisine, shaped under the Ottoman Empire, is one of the richest in the world because Istanbul is at the crossroads of civilizations, it is like our state and city, a beautiful mix of West and East. It is in our megalopolis of 17 million inhabitants that we find the biggest gastronomic heritage of this ethnic and cultural mix.

    We invite you to spend a day with us and discover the central districts of Beşiktaş and Uskudar making stops to taste many specialties. We will show you our Istanbul, an Istanbul full of contrasts and flavors through a young deeply secular neighborhood to a more conservative and familial neighborhood. These areas provide a true picture of Turkey and you will better understand its history and current events.

    Discover Turkish cuisine on two continents : Uskudar and Besiktas

    We start the day by discovering the Besiktas neighborhood located just steps from the Dolmabahce Palace on the European side. Historically it was the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire, and the port of its naval fleet.

    Today it is one of the most vibrant and secular district of Istanbul. Mainly populated by students and people from the Turkish middle class, here life is spent outside. The food and odors are absolutely everywhere! After drinking tea and eating Turkish breakfast’s specialities, we will go in its historical “Çarsi” (market) and we will taste its street food, one of the most abundant and rich of the city. We eat different specialties like Tantuni or the Midye dolma.

    We also dwell on the cultural aspect of the neighborhood and the important role it has played and continues to play on the identity of the city!

    We will then go to Uskudar on the Asian side. This is one of the oldest and most conservative of district of the city, it concentrates the largest number of mosques in Istanbul and really contrasts with Besiktas. We will take you on its vibrant market where we will taste local products such as cheeses, olives, Turkish delights, and many many other surprises …. We will also visit one or two iconic mosques, and finish our walk by drinking some tea facing a breathtaking panoramic view of Istanbul.

    This day will take you out the beaten tracks and the touristic attraction to see two  completely different sides of the city. It is likely that you will better understand Istanbul’s population divided ideologically, but united in culture and cuisine.

    Last thing if you join us think to come hungry !!

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  •  The walk starts at 10.30am to end around 5:30pm. We will send you the meeting place after confirmation.

     The price is 65 € per person and includes all the products that we will enjoy as well as transportation. It is possible to pay on the day of the walk in cash.

     There will be a maximum of 8 participants on the walk. If you are more crowded we can privatize you this day.

     We make more than 12 culinary stops during the day, so there is something for all tastes, even vegetarians.

     Do not forget your camera, we’ll explore a lot of unusual places, this is the opportunity to make beautiful pictures!

    Get more information about our walk!

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