Why Too Istanbul?

Passionate about travel, food, and news, we created 4 years ago Too Istanbul with the aim to share our love and knowledge of Istanbul to give you the opportunity and the desire to participate in the hectic life of Istanbul and make your trip a unique and rewarding experience, not just a visit.

The information available on Istanbul is, in our opinion, too often focused on a small part of the city and largely obscures the Istanbul we live in on a daily basis. The small port of Byzantium has become a megalopolis of more than 16 million inhabitants, and the city of Istanbul has an ambivalence that few others possess, it is both calm and ultra-dynamic, modern and historical, religious and secular, lush and precarious, Turkish and cosmopolitan.

Our goal at to Tooistanbul.com is to help you discover the real Istanbul in addition to visiting the classics, far from the clichés and in the most objective possible manner.

« To really love a country, you have to eat it, drink it, and hear it sing.»

Michel Déon

To make you discover our city in a local way, away from the great tourist flows, we created a few years ago our first walk in a small group, and your hundreds of glowing comments prompted us to create a tourism agency to continue to make you live Istanbul like a local.

Too Istanbul is your friend in the city, it is this local that will make you discover its city and its neighborhoods by sharing with you relevant information that will allow you to understand this great megalopolis with the history and the news so rich.

The true journey of discovery is not to seek new landscapes, but to have new eyes.
Marcel Proust

Les fondateurs


“I was born in the mid-1980s in Marseilles to a French mother and a Turkish father. After graduating from a business school and working for a few years in the financial sector, between Paris and Marseille, I decided in 2012 to change direction and discover Istanbul, a city that I constantly heard about and that I hardly knew.

After a year dedicated to learning the language and discovering the city, I immediately felt good and decided to settle down thereby creating a blog at first, and then a travel agency so that we can share our love and knowledge of Istanbul with as many people as possible. I can now say that I love living in Istanbul and that I know the city better than many of my local friends.”


“Born in Paris in the late 1980s to a French mother and a Turkish father, I came to Istanbul at the age of 12. After graduating from the French High School in the city I started marketing studies in Los Angeles. Visiting every summer to see my family in Istanbul, I was fascinated by the dynamism and youth of this city. I also appreciated the Turkish entrepreneurial culture and the collective will of the Istanbulities to make Istanbul an international economic and cultural center.

After this experience across the Atlantic, I settled in Istanbul. When Antoine asked me to join him in the Too Istanbul adventure, I was immediately thrilled! The city of Istanbul is the only place on earth where I always feel at home, which is why it is always a pleasure to make you discover it.”