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The Nazar Boncuğu

The Nazar Boncuk, the Turkish blue evil eye found everywhere and sold in abundance in all souvenir shops, is a talisman with ancestral origins that is present from Greece to the Middle East, but it is in Turkey that one finds the most variants.

Being a woman in Istanbul

What is the place of women in Turkish society? Is Turkey a safe country for women? These are all questions to which Manon, a young French student living in Istanbul, answers by giving you an article tracing her experience as a woman in Turkey.

Turkish cinema

A bit of history about Turkish cinema which is undergoing an interesting cinematic transformation through quality productions, as well as our selection of films to see.

The incredible growing interest in Turkish TV shows

From Dubai to Athens via Pakistan, the Middle East, South America, and the Balkan countries, why is everyone is getting crazy for Turkish television series? Discover our selection of the best Turkish shows.

8 current facts about Istanbul and Turkey

Far from the usual clichés and information, here are 8 current facts about Istanbul and Turkey that you probably do not know, and that will make you want to visit our country, and more particularly our city.

The technological boom of the Bosphorus

50% of the Turkish population is under 32 in 2020, so plays and consumes online. As a result, the Turkish net industry is booming thanks to many successful startups that are attracting investors from around the world.