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One thing we particularly like about Istanbul is the multitude of caterers, the “esnaf lokantası”, serving homemade food. Most of these small caterers offer a wide variety of dishes to discover in our article.

Street food in Istanbul

Street food is an integral part of the city of Istanbul. In Turkey, there is no time to eat! You can’t walk more than a kilometer without bumping into street vendors and a dozen fast-food restaurants during your trip to Istanbul.


A brief overview of the best of Turkish spices, Turkish cuisine is rich in spices, and although the majority of them are not grown in Turkey, there is a real market dedicated to spices.

Turkish desserts

Turkish desserts are worth a look and will not let you indifferent. Here’s a list with an overview of the desserts that you will come across in the windows or menus of Istanbul’s restaurants

Turkish Cuisine

During your visit to Istanbul you can not miss out the richness of the Turkish cuisine.

The best fish and mezes restaurants in Istanbul

Where to eat good fish and seafood in Istanbul? Discover the Raki-Balik culture of Turkish cuisine, and all the fresh meals that come with it, the mezes! The secrets to eat and drink like a local while in Turkey.