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In June the sweetness of the summer settled in Istanbul and the music festivals season continues, especially on the beaches and in the many parks and universities of the city. The program of this month will surely be a little quieter than the previous years, especially in sports, because of the Euro 2016 that will be played in France. You can find below the cultural program of June 2016 in Istanbul:


June 4 – Babylon Soundgarden: the mythical concert hall of Istanbul, Babylon, is moving like every summer on its beach north of the city. On the occasion of the opening of the 2016’s summer season, it organizes Saturday, June 4 the Soundgarden Festival. On the menu, local and international artists such as Oscar & The Wolf, Milky Chance, DJ Kaan Turkish Düzarat, Jamie Woon and many more… At Babylon Kilyos.

June 4 – Suma Beach Opening: opened in the summer of 2013, Suma Beach has becomed a must for all electronic music lovers. Every weekend the beach transforms into a music festival from Friday evenings to Sunday evenings. It is a place not to miss if you have time! Concerning the line up, they are often announced at the last moment. To find out more: Sumabeach

June 4 – Renki Çadır Festivalı: another beach of northern Istanbul opens its door, the Tirmata Beach in Kilyos. For the occasion they organize a festival of music and light for 24 hours with the opportunity to camp on site. Find out more here.

June 5 – Dropout Festival / Die Antwoord: the South African hip-hop group that became famous with their provocative music videos, Die Antwoord, will be the guest of the Küçükçiftlik Park in the center of Istanbul. They will be preceded by locals and internationals rap and rock groups like Ceza, Lust, The Fuck Is Back and many more… At the KüçükÇiftlik Park.

June 5 – Bollywood Party: the concert hall of the district of Beyoglu, The Mekan, organizes a Indian themed party. On the program you will find Indian DJs but also Bollywood dance workshops. An exotic event in perspective.

June 6 & 7 – Academy of St Martin in the Fields: one of the leading English Chamber orchestras will be in concert in the church of the Topkapi Palace, St. Irene. Built in the fourth century, it is one of the oldest church Istanbul!

June 8 – PJ Harvey: the British singer, musician and composer of alternative rock music will be on the stage of the Zorlu Center PSM.

June 10 – Ramazanda Yalıda İftar & Fasıl: during the Ramadan (between June 7 and July 4), the luxurious villa on the Bosphorus, the Sait Halim Paşa Yalısı located in the district Yeniköy, offers every Sunday a dinner to break the fast accompanied by traditional Turkish music (fasıl). It is an experience not to be missed!

June 10 – Alexei Volodin: the Russian pianist, a critically acclaimed virtuoso who played in major orchestras concert will be in concert in the St Anthony church of Beyoglu.

June 11 – Sigur Ros: the Icelandic rock band, that you may know for their contribution to many movies and video games soundtracks (A Prophet, the Odyssey of Pi, Assassins Creed, The Walking Dead …) will be on the scene of the Zorlu Center PSM.

June 14 – Borusan Istanbul Filarmoni Orkestra: the Philharmonic Orchestra of Istanbul is in concert in the St. Irene church of the Topkapi Palace.

June 16 – Duman: the Turkish rock group Duman, popular in Turkey for their outspokenness and their catchy rhythms will be in concert at the outdoor amphitheater of Harbiye, the Cemil Topuzlu. We recommend you this concert.

June 19 – MFÖ: the most famous trio of Turkey, the elders of the local rock band MFÖ, will be performing at the outdoor amphitheater Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu

June 21 – Hindi Zahra: the French-Moroccan singer, actress and composer, singing in English, French, Arabic and Berber dialect will be the guest of the Zorlu Center PSM as part of the event “Jazz in Ramadan.”

June 23 – Patti Smith and her band: the American rock singer and musician, poet, painter and photographer, considered as the “godmother” of the punk movement, will be with her band on stage at the Zorlu Center PSM.

June 24 – Vienna Symphony Orchestra: the second largest symphonic orchestra of Austria will be in representation at the Lufti Kirdar Anadolu Auditorium.

June 25 – Kenan Doğulu: the star of the Turkish pop with millions of local fans will be on the stage of the outdoor amphitheater Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu.

June 27 – Africa Express Presents: the Orchestra of Syrian Musicians: the Syrian National Orchestra in exile will be the time of an emotional evening at the Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu to play classical Arab music.

June 28 – Jazz festival of Istanbul: the groups Chic Featuring Nile Rodgers and Unknown Mortal Orchestra will be at the KüçükÇiftlik Park within the Jazz Festival of Istanbul.


From June 3 to June 5 – IST Festival 2016 
The International Arts and Culture festival, the IST Festival, is an annual event which aims to establish cultural and artistic relations between cultural figures from around the world by bringing them together in Istanbul.
The festival takes place over three days, you can find on the program speakers, exhibitions, workshops, screenings and performances organized in different locations in and around the city.
Since its creation in 2010, the IST Festival was an exchange platform of inspiration and ideas among participants from various different fields of art such as literature, film, music, fashion, architecture and design. The participants of the previous editions include Tilda Swinton, Gore Vidal, Harvey Keitel, Zaha Hadid, Juliette Lewis, JR, Ryan McGinley, Kirsten Dunst, Courtney Love, Dan Cole and many more… Find out all the informations on istanbul74.com
From June 1st to June 24 – Istanbul Music Festival:
The foundation of the Istanbul Culture and Art, IKSV, organize throughout the month of June the Istanbul Music Festival. This 44th edition of the festival will present to music lovers an impressive program built around the theme of this year: “If music be the food of love, play on!” Theme inspired by a Shakespeare’s poetry. The festival will host nearly 600 local and international artists. To know more : Istanbul Music Festival.


Artists in their time – Until December 31 2016 at the Istanbul Modern:
The exhibition “Artists in their time” deals with the way artists put their work and themselves in a spacetime frame. The starting point of the exhibition is the quote from Turkish artist Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, “I am neither in time nor completely outside of it”. His views on time highlight the relationship that artists have on the past, the present and the future. The exhibition brings together works of different regions, periods and disciplines. The themes of the exhibition are abstract art, feminist approaches, urban culture, stories of Istanbul lives, non-violence, the search for identity, the concept of metropolis and an understanding of Anatolian peoples. At the Istanbul Modern.
Intersecting Worlds Ambassadors and Painters – Pera Museum:
Since its inception, the Ottoman Empire has established relationships with European states and empires. The commercial and diplomatic exchanges intensified, the West wanted to know more about this empire by sending foreign ambassadors, but also painters and other artists in order to document its social structure, its customs, its administration and its military practices. The exhibition “Intersecting Worlds, Ambassadors and Painters” is the fruit of the work carried out between the 17th and the late 19th century. You will find paintings, drawings and portraits chronicling this exciting time in Turkish history viewed by European artists. At the Pera Muzesi.
Heinz Mack – Until July 17 at the Sakip Sabanci Museum:
The beautiful museum on the banks of the Bosphorus, the Sakıp Sabancı, welcomes the artist leader of the German modernist movement, Heinz Mack. The exhibition “Mack, just light and color” highlights the works of the artist, known for being the founder of the avant-garde movement of the mid 20th century: Zero. It brings together paintings, monumental sculptures and kinetic works produced throughout the long career of the artist. At the Sakip Sabancı Museum.


In June 2016 there are no major sporting event in Istanbul, but from June 12 the Euro 2016 starts and Turkey is in the competition. We will soon share an article about the best locations to watch the matches in Istanbul (no matter who you support), but also where to watch the games of the Turkish national team, because the atmosphere on site can take a festival look.
June is also the perfect time to go swimming and do some outdoor sports (jogging, cycling, sailing, yoga …), if you have questions contact us!

The program of June will expand in the upcoming days, we will update it so stay tuned! If you have questions or need more information to get to these events, please email us or leave a comment below.

For other activities that we can propose you to do in the 2016’s spring : Spring in Istanbul.

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