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  1. Francesca on

    Reading your blog the day sailing boat tours in Istanbul that visit coves and Princes islands sound brilliant. Do you have any links to any good and reasonably priced companies that organise them? We’ve had a search online but can only find private tours. Whilst we would like to be in a smaller group, we are just in a couple so couldn’t afford fully private. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  2. I am looking for a tourist guide to take a small group of our English speaking friends for a day tour around Istanbul’s main historic sites. This needs to be a “full service” with the agency’s van picking them up in the morning and bring back home in the evening (Levent). Do you have such service? If yes, how much does it cost? The date for tour is September 16.
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  3. Herman on

    If I wanted to charter a boat for about 6 people to cruise for a day, say to the Princess Islands,
    What would be the cost?
    Thank you,