In October in Istanbul

What to do, what to see in October in Istanbul ?

Find our little guide in order not miss anything of all the cultural events of this early autumn. Between the games, concerts, exhibitions and shows, here is the program of this month of October 2018 in Istanbul:


Lucas & Arthur Jussen

October 3 – Poppy: the young singer, actress and youtube personality of the electropop or reggae fusion genre will be in concert at Babylon.

October 3 – Lucas & Arthur Jussen: the duo of the Dutch pianists brothers bathing in the classical music since a very small age will be in concert at “The Seed”, the beautiful concert hall of the Sakip Sabancı Museum.

October 3 – Blues Guitarists Night: the best guitarists from Turkey meet at the Dorock XL for a festival of solos on the theme of blues.

October 3 – Istanbul Tarihi Türk Müziği Toplulu: the ensemble of Turkish historical music is meeting to play Ottoman music at the Yenikapı Mevlevihanesi, a historical site for whirling dervishes.

October 4 – CRR Senfoni Orchestra: the symphony orchestra of the Cemal Resit Rey Academy is in concert in the hall of the same name, the CRR Concert Hall.

CRR’s Orchestra

October 5 – Duman: the mythical rock band from Turkey is at the IF Performance Hall of Beşiktaş for a live performance not to be missed!

October 6 – Manga: the Turkish rock band is at the Dorock XL of Beşiktaş. 

October 6 – Thug Life – hiphop Party V.6: the Zorlu PSM Studio organizes a big hip-hop party where will be played not only American but also Turkish hits of the genre, with the turntable rapper Khontkar, popular on the local scene of the moment.

October 9 – Fazıl Say: the virtuoso Turkish pianist, who has a habit of filling entire stadiums and that has been controversial in this last years for his anti-government and religious positions, will be at the Enka Ibrahim Betil.

October 11 – Evrencan Gündüz ve Uzaylılar: the new prince of Turkish indie-rock is at the Moda Kayıkhane Beşiktaş accompanied by the Uzaylılar (aliens in Turkish), a collective of funky musicians.

Ümit Besen & Pamela

Octobre 11 – Kadiköy Tech Night: the Kadikoy rock club, the Dorock XL, organizes an electro and deep house party with DJs and local artists.

October 12 – Ümit Besen & Pamela: the famous Turkish pianist and composer singer will be at the IF Performance Hall of Beşiktaş accompanied by Turkish pop-star; Pamela.

October 12 – Radiance: the Volkswagen Arena presents “Radiance”, a sound and light show with the voices of Peggy Gou, Avalon Emerson, Dr. Rubinstein, Laurel Halo, Jayda G, Orla. The radiance reflections will be felt in two stages at the Volkswagen Arena with lots of surprises.

October 13 – Piano Battle: German virtuoso pianists Adreas Kern and Paul Cibis will compete on the piano on the classics of the genre in the Aya İrini Church of the Topkapı museum.

October 13 – Chloé’s Endless Revisions Show: the DJ and French techno producer takes a whole generation on her playing field of electronic music far from being limited to techno. “Endless Revisions”, once again marks her image as a musician who thwarts established classifications by deepening the sometimes too linear perspectives of current music. At the  Zorlu Center PSM.

Lisa Simone

October 14 – Khontkar: the new star of Turkish rap, known for his provocative texts (not to take seriously)  is in concert at the Jolly Joker of Beyoğlu.

October 15 – A Kind of Vision & Freddie Mercury: the IF Performance Hall of Beşiktaş pays homage to Freddie Mercury by inviting artists to play some Queen during this moving evening.

October 16 – Lisa Simone: jazz musician and actress Lisa Simone, also the daughter of the famous black-American activist Nina Simone, will be performing at the CRR Concert Hall.

October 17 – The Comet Is Coming: the London based rock band of nu Jazz, funk Rock and psychedelic rock is performing inBabylon.

October 17 – Bülent Ersoy: the local pop diva and also the Turkish transsexual icon is in concert at the Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu, a character full of contrasts, the diva is also a close friend to the wife of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Aleyna Tilki

October 18 – Till Brönner: Till Brönner is a jazz musician, trumpet player, singer, composer, arranger and producer. His approach is influenced by bebop and jazz fusion, but also by modern pop music, film music, country music and German pop songs. His trumpet playing is mainly inspired by Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy Gillespie and Chet Baker. At the Uniq Hall.

October 19 – Ekin Beril: the young DJ, producer and Turkish singer mixes electro, funk and Turkish songs, she will be at the IF Performance Hall for an evening not to be missed!

October 20 – Büyük Ev Ablukada: the alternative rock music group enjoyed by Turkish youth will be on the stage of the IF Beşiktaş to present their new album.

October 20 – Teoman – Enis – Aleyna Tilki: the Küçükçiftlik Park is organizing a mini festival on October 20th with three big local stars, the rocker Teoman, the alternative rock singer Enis and Aleyna Tilki, the young mega Turkish pop star.

October21 – Avishai Cohen: the Israeli jazz bassist, but also an author and composer who is often in Istanbul will be at the CRR Concert Hall.

Avishai Cohen

October 22 – Kristian Lind Trio: the trio Kristian Lind experiments Turkish music in a “Scandinavian jazz” style and also plays Kristian’s compositions, which range from bebop to almost classical music. At the Nardis Jazz Club.

October 22 – Tarkovsky Quartet: the Franco-German quartet, named after the great Russian filmmaker, has developed an associative language peculiar to dreams. The couturier, cellist Anja Lecher, saxophonist Jean-Marc Larché and accordionist Jean-Louis Matinier explore the texture of dreams and memories and continue to refer to Tarkovsky.Whether it’s improvised chamber music, modern composition or baroque music, the creative originality of the Tarkovsky Quartet shines through. At the Zorlu Center PSM.

October 24 – Eypio: the Turkish rapper mixing hip-hop and Turkish nostalgic songs is at the Mori Performance.

October 24 – Woody Black 4: the Vienna-based black wood quartet performs an exuberant playfulness, revealing all the stylistic and tonal options of their instruments. They will be in concert at the Summart Art Center.

October 25 – Mor Ve Ötesi: the Turkish alternative rock band, considered one of the best local rock bands of all time is at the IF Performance Hall of Beşiktaş.

Tarkovsky Quartet

October 26 – Vitalic: the French DJ whose music has often been used in the soundtrack of movies or video games will be at the Zorlu Center PSM.

October 26 – Merve Özbey: the new pop star who made the Turks dance during the summer with her hit “Vuracak” will be at the Sanat Performance.

October 27 – Halloween Party: the Zorlu PSM Studio invites everyone to get lost in the dark rhythms of deep techno with Brazilian DJ Rob Hes and Italian Stiv Hey!The party will start with a special set of blogger Çizenbayan, come disguised!

October 27 – Halloween Show: the Volkswagen Arena welcomes in a bloody setting and a disturbing atmosphere DJs Oliver Koletzki, Be Svendsen and many other surprises. Do not miss it!

Charlotte De Witte

October 28 – Charlotte De Witte: the 24-year-old Belgian DJ with dark and bewitching sounds will be at the Zorlu Center PSM.

28 octobre – Ezhel: the Turkish rapper being a real star on the shores of the Bosphorus will fill the VW Arena for a great show and concert!


Ekim Fesitvalı (Beer Festival) – 13 & 14 of October:

The open air UNİQ is organizing for the first time a large beer festival in Istanbul.Inspired by the German Oktoberfest you will find many beer stands of several different brands, activities, dining and concerts. A must for lovers of Turkish and international beers!For more

Filmekimi Movie Festival – From October 5 to October 15:

Filmekimi offers a program of international and local film screenings including the most anticipated films of the coming season and titles presented in the last festivals. The projected films have been announced as Academy Award nominees in the foreign languages category:

Music and Fashion Festival – October 13:

The festival of fashion and music organized by Multiworks will be held for its first year on the theme of vintage. There will be a dress code, a set and bands of music based on the vintage. The event will take place at KüçükÇiftlik Park in central Istanbul on Saturday 13th of October and will feature workshops, interviews, designers, vintage shops and concerts by local artists. For more informations:


Ghost, The Musical – From October 19 octobre to November 4:

Based on the romantic fantasy thriller of the same name dating from 1990, the musical was premiered at the Manchester Opera in March 2011. Ghost was later played around the world, including Broadway, London and Paris. The plot is centered on the lovers Sam and Molly, who are attacked while returning home. When Sam dies, he is caught between the real world and the world beyond. Molly is in danger and Sam can not leave her. A medium, Oda Mae Brown, helps Sam get in touch with Molly to prevent her from a big danger. At the Zorlu PSM:


From September 12 to December 30 – The Universe Frinlkles:

Navine G. Khan-Dossos and Merve Ünsal use SALT Beyoğlu as the starting point for a series of performative works. Inspired by feminism and queer theory, drawings, paintings, wall paintings and multimedia works artists are rethinking modernism and the future. At Salt Beyoğlu, for more info:

From September 14 to February 23 – A window on the West:

Celebrating the history of Galatasaray High School, the exhibition “A Window on the West: 150 Years of Galatasaray High School 1868-2018” is organized by İzzeddin Çalışlar and exhibits photographs, films, ephemera and objects presenting the remarkable Francophone institution of Istanbul and starting point of the Galatasaray Club. His sister institute, the Pera Museum, presents the exhibition School Square Galatasaray from September 14th to November 25th.

From September 22 to November 4 – 4th Istanbul Biennial of Design:

The 4th Istanbul Design Biennale announces its opening program, “A school of schools: orientation”, which will take place from 20 to 21 September 2018. Organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), sponsored by Vitra, organized by Jan Boelen and featuring a visual identity designed by Offshore Studio, the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial (22 September – 4 November 2018) ) announces: Orientation, a multifaceted openness program exploring the possible futures of design education. Held over two days, from September 20 to 21, 2018, orientation days will bring together practitioners, educators and thinkers from Turkey and around the world for a biennial event conceived as a public space for dialogue, provocation and production. Together, they will test and review various educational strategies to reflect on the role of design, knowledge and global connectivity in Istanbul and beyond. Find the whole program on:


Watch a football match in Istanbul is an experience not to be missed, the atmosphere of the stadiums is often explosive while remaining friendly. This year the Turkish league has seen the arrival of many players of quality. Here are the upcoming matches in Octorber:

Ligue Turque :

  • October 7: Fenerbahçe VS Başakşehir au stade Şükrü Saraçoğlu
  • October 19: Galatasaray VS Bursaspor au stade Türk Telekom 
  • October 29: Beşiktaş VS Rize au Vodafone Park 

Champion’s League :

  • October 24: Galatasaray VS Schalke 04 au stade Türk Telekom

Europa League :

  • October 25: Beşiktaş VD Malmö au Vodafone Park

To buy tickets go on Passolig, for more information contact us

For other activities we can propose you to do in October 2018 click here!



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