In December 2017 in Istanbul

The things to do in December in Istanbul

Here is a short summary of the many things to do in December 2017 in Istanbul, between the concerts, festivals, exhibitions and sports, there is something for every tastes, here is the program:


Mark Eliyahu

December 1 – Mark Eliyahu: the Israeli musician will be performing at the Zorlu Center with his 150-year-old kamancheh, a kind of traditional violin from the region. His unusual sounds are worth the detour!

December 1 – Emma Shapplin: the French soprano known worldwide is in concert at the Volswagen Arena accompanied by star clarinetist Hüsnü Şenlendirici.

December 2 – Beardyman: the beatboxer and British musician is performing at the Zorlu Center.

Deniz Tekin

December 2 – Teoman: the Turkish rock star is in concert at the Zorlu Center.

December 2 – Yerli Yerinde Festival: the magnificient Volswagen Arena hosts the festival Yerli Yerinde, a festival composed of 4 Turkish artists of different styles.

December 2 – Hey Douglas: the Turkish electronic music group mixing modern sounds with other more traditional is at Dorock XL, do not miss it!

December 4 – Lamb: the electronic music and trip hop duo of Manchester is on the stage of Zorlu Center!

Hey Douglas

December 4 – Sıla: the Turkish pop star is on the stage of theTim Show Center to celebrate her ten-year career.

December 6 – Deniz Tekin: the indie-turkish singer with the fragile little dark voice is at the Zorlu Center.

December 6 – Juniore & Aquaserge: Babylon welcomes the XXF Very Very French festival sponsored by the French institute, tonight you will listen to Aquaserge, a French band mixing afrobeat with funk and Caribbean music. Aquaserge will be followed by Juniore, a French indie pop singer.

December 8 – Deniz Seki: the Turkish pop singer who made prison for drug trafficking continues her comeback at the Bostancı Gösteri Merkezi.

Carla Bruni

December 9 – GusGus: the Icelandic electronic music group from Reykjavik will mix at Babylon

December 12 – Fifty Shades Of Metal: the new concert hall of Beşiktaş, the If Beşiktaş, organizes this December 12 the Fifty Shades of Metal festival. As the name suggests it is a metal festival, on the program: Furtherial, Mekanik, Sails Of Serenity and Prey On The Weak.

December 12 – Martina Filjak, Istanbul Resitalleri: the Croatian pianist who started the piano at the age of 5 and is fluent in 7 languages is on the stage of The Seed, the concert hall of the beautiful Sakip Sabancı museum on the banks of the Bosphorus.

December 13 – Carla Bruni: the singer, model and ex-first French lady is in concert at the Zorlu Center.


December 14 – Kalben: the new star of melancholic turkish indie-rock is at Babylon.

December 14 – Duman: it is one of the essential Turkish rock bands for its music as for its lyrics, we recommend it. At the Dorock XL.

December 15 & 16 – Mix Festival: The Zorlu Center is organizing the two-day Mix Festival with a large number of artists of different styles, including: Jacques, Selda Bağcan & Boom Pam, Cem Adrian, The Peace Caravan, Electro Deluxe, Kabus Kerim and dozens more artists… To find out the whole program click here.

December 15 – Manga: it’s one of the best-known Turkish rock bands in recent years, it will be on the stage of the Dorock XL.

Omar Souleyman

December 16 – Omar Souleyman: Omar Souleyman is a Syrian singer mixing a kind of oriental techno on Syrian songs, he lives in Turkey since 2011. At Babylon.

December 16 – Reggae Night: the concert hall If Beşiktaş organizes a festival with the new talents of reggae / rock, on the menu Sattas but also Zeytin a very talented and promising group.

December 20 – Mercan Dede & Deniz Tekin: Mercan Dede is a musician mixing Ottoman music with psychedelic or aerial sounds, he will be accompanied on stage by Deniz Tekin, the new star of the indie-rock in Turkey. At the Borusan Müzik Evi.

December 20 – Abou Diarra Trio: the Malian player of N ‘goni, a kind of traditional harp, was able to mix the genres for a surprising result. At the Akbank Sanat.


December 21 – Buika: the Spanish singer of African origin mixing flamenco with soul and funk will be at the İş Sanat Kültür Merkezi.

December 22 – Shantel: the German DJ, known for his contributions to various fanfares and Balkan orchestras as well for his title “Disco Partizani” whose clip was shot in Istanbul, is at Babylon.

December 23 – Ezhel: the new star of Turkish rap, the very young Ezhel is in concert at Dorock XL, do not miss it!

December 23 – Fazıl Say: the best Turkish pianist Fazıl Say, known for his music but also his anti-government stances will be at the Volswagen Arena to play is new album.

Borusan Quartet

December 25 – Borusan Quartet: the quartet of the Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, renowned for having toured the world is in representation at the Sürreya Opera of Kadiköy.

December 26 – New Year Concert: the symphony orchestra of the CRR Concert Hall plays his concert for the new year in the hall of the same name.

December 28 – Yavuz Bingol et les poètes d’un millier d’années: the Turkish music singer is accompanied by an orchestra composed of street musicians. At the CRR Concert Hall.

December 30 – Evrecan Gündüz: the indie-pop Turkish singer beginning to make himself known is at the If Beşiktaş.


December 15 & 16 – Mix Festival:

The Zorlu Center is organizing the two-day Mix Festival with a large number of artists of different styles, including: Jacques, Selda Bağcan & Boom Pam, Cem Adrian, The Peace Caravan, Electro Deluxe, Kabus Kerim and dozens more artists… To find out the whole program click here.

December 16 – Los Viventos:

Los Vivancos is composed of seven brothers who have been educated in different cities of the world. The whole family maintains a strong and loyal commitment to their ultimate passion, flamenco. Los Vivancos will be at the TİM Show Center in order to present their last show: “Born to Dance”.

From December 22 to December 24 – Ballet of the Bolshoï:

The TİM Show Center Maslak hosts the famous Bolshoi ballet, the ballet company attached to the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, founded in 1776. Most of the dancers who compose it are from the Moscow State Choreographic Academy, a privileged breeding ground for the troupe. Do not miss!


Until March 2018 – Look at me:

The exhibition Look at me! Portraits and other fiction from the collection of contemporary art “la Caixa” looks at the portrait, one of the oldest artistic genres, through a large number of works of our time. Paintings, photographs, sculptures and videos form a labyrinth of looks that invite viewers to reflect in the social mirror of portraits. At the Pera Müzesi.

Until April 2018 – Leonardo Da Vinci:

The greatest genius of the Renaissance arrives at Uniq Istanbul. Conceived as the most important exhibition dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci, this international exhibition is in Istanbul as part of a world tour after the premiere of Bruges (Belgium). In addition to a hundred sketches, paintings, writings and original works of art, 100 replicas created from Da Vinci’s original sketches will also be exhibited. At the Uniq Istanbul.

Until December 25 – Across the line:

AltCity Istanbul is a digital art exhibition bringing together Turkish artists to explore the uses of creative technology to learn new methodologies and produce works that can speak to all communities in the city. The exhibition will be held at the Zorlu Center PSM, in partnership with the English Consulate.


Watch a football match in Istanbul is an experience not to be missed, the atmosphere of the stadiums is often explosive while remaining friendly. This year the Turkish league has seen the arrival of many players of quality. At the time of writing these lines Galatsaray leads the championship followed by neck and neck by 3 other Istanbul clubs: Başakşehir, Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe. Here are the matches played in Istanbul this month:

  • December 2 – Beşiktaş VS Galatasaray au Vodafone Park
  • December 3 – Fenerbahçe VS Kasımpaşa au stade Şükrü Saraçoğlu
  • December 9 – Galatasaray VS Akhisar au stade Türk Telekom
  • December 12 – Beşiktaş VS Osmanlıspor au Vodafone Park
  • December 24 – Galatasaray VS Göztepe au stade Türk Telekom

To buy tickets go on Passolig, for more information contact us! 

For other activities we can propose you to do in December 2017 click here!

Concerning the New Year Eve programs we will make an announcement current December.

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