Istanbul in February 2020

What to do, what to see in February in Istanbul?

Here are all the cultural events in Istanbul in this month of February 2020. You will find in our list a whole bunch of concerts, football or basketball matches and beautiful exhibitions! Do not miss the Arter Museum, a magnificent museum of contemporary art which opened its doors a few months ago and which is really worth it:



February 1 – Teoman: one of the most important rock singer of Turkey will be the scene of the Bostanci Gösteri Merkezi.

February 1 & 29 – Cem Adrian: the Turkish singer known for his extraordinary voice will be in concert at Dorock XL of Kadıköy and at the Jolly Joker Vadistanbul.

February – 7 Pink Floydlar ve 2 Prenses: the group will play the legendary works of Pink Floyd at the Wall Saloon & Performance.

February 1 – Nev: the pop rock singer will be on the stage of the Beyrut Performans.

February 2 – Katatonia: one of Sweden’s most influential heavy metal bands will be at the If Performance Hall of Beşiktaş.

Hayko Cepkin

February 5,6,7 & 19 – Yildiz Tilbe: the great Turkish pop music singer will be in concert at the Jolly Joker Vadistanbul and at the Bostanci Gösteri Merkezi.

February 5: lthe singer with the style between rap and hip-hop will be at If Performance Hall Beşiktaş.

February 7 – Selami Sahin: the Turkish singer of arabesque music and of Arab origin will be on stage at Jolly Joker Vadistanbul.

February 7 – Nekropsi: the Istanbul-based music group of a genre that is close to experimental and progressive rock, thrash metal, electronics and noise will be in concert at Babylon.

February 8 – Hayko Cepkin: the Turkish alternative metal singer of Armenian origin with a surprising look will be in concert at the Sanat Performance!


8 & 29 février – Serdar Ortaç : the famous Turkish pop singer will be on stage at the Dalmaz Center and then at Sahne Istanbul.

February 8 – Bob Moses: the Canadian electronic music duo will play in the tank of the Birbindirek cistern.

February 8 – Stavroz (Live) : the world famous Belgian DJ, Stavroz, will make the Volkswagen Arena dance, do not miss it! 

February 8 – Bulutsuzluk özlemi: the first Turkish alternative rock band to mix western melodies with Anatolian rhythms will be on the scene at The Wall Saloon & Performance.

February 8 – Fatma Turgut: the Turkish pop singer will be in concert at Dorock XL of Kadiköy.

Fazıl Say

February 8 – Hey ! Douglas: considered one of the best underground DJs in Turkey and inspired by Anatolian pop and rock from the 60s and 70s, he will be mixing at the 100% studio.

February 12 – Aga B: the Turkish rapper will be at the If Performance Hall of Beşiktaş.

February 12 – Barcelona Guitar Trio: three internationally renowned musicians, Manuel Gonzalez, Xavier Coll and Luis Robisco will combine their guitars at the Bostanci Gösteri Merkezi, accompanied by flamenco dancers.F

February 14 – English Chamber Orchestra: one of the main English chamber orchestras with a collection of records containing more than 1,500 works by more than 400 composers will be on stage at the CRR Konser Salonu.

February 14 – Fazıl Say: the great Turkish virtuoso pianist will be in concert at the TIM Show Center. A place to reserve as soon as possible!

Maddalena Del Gobbo

February 14 – Fakear: the famous author, composer and musician from Normandy of electronic music will be at the 100% studio!

February 14 – Mabel Matiz: Turkish pop singer and LGBT activist in Turkey will be on stage at the Volkswagen Arena.

February 14  – Tsar B: the unique sound of the Belgian singer will be at the salon IKSV with an alchemy between oriental tones and dark R&B.

February 15 – Maddalena Del Gobbo: the German solo viola player will be in a 600-year-old cistern; the Şerefiye Sarnıcı, for an unforgettable trip.

February 15 – Avishai Cohen Trio: Avishai Cohen the bassist composer, celebrates his 50th anniversary, and for this occasion the Trio is touring and giving 50 concerts in 50 countries. They will be in Turkey, in Istanbul, at the CRR Konser Salonu on this 15th of February.

Gipsy Kings

February 15 – Redd: the Turkish rock band, which used to play in bars before they set up their own studio in 2004 and are successful, will be on stage at salon IKSV.

February 15 – Manuş Baba: the pop and arabesque singer is to be found at the Dorock XL of Kadiköy.

February 16 – Gipsy Kings: the Andalusian music group from the south of France with a style mixing flamenco, pop and Latin rhythms will be on stage at the Zorlu Center.

February 17 – Vincent Peirani: the French accordionist, clarinetist and musical arranger will be at the CRR Konser Salonu.

February 18 – Jakuzi: the Turkish electro pop group whose music can be reminiscent of the English group Metronomy will be on the stage of If Performance Hall of Beşiktaş.

Strasbourg’s Philharmonic orchestra

February 19 – Strasbourg’s Philharmonic orchestra: French pianist Alexandre Kantorow accompanied by the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Claus Peter Flor will be at the CRR Konser Salonu.

February 21 – Cem Adrian: the Turkish singer-songwriter known for his extraordinary voice is in concert at the If Performance Hall of Beşiktaş.

February 21 – Dizzy Gillespie: the trumpeter group of jazz Be-bop will be at the CRR Konser Salonu to play their new album: Afro.

February 21 – Can Bonomo:the Turkish pop-rock singer who represented Turkey at Eurovision in 2012 will be at Dorock XL in Kadiköy.

February 21 – Can Gox: he is one of the best known and most original DJs in Turkey, he will be on stage at the Beyrut Performans.

Evrencan Gündüz

February 23 – Roman Simovic: the ukrainian violinist and conductor of the London’s symphony orchestra will be in concert at the cistern of Şerefiye Sarnici for a violon recital.

February 23 – Nil Karaibrahimgil: the Turkish pop / rock star will be in concert at the Bostanci Gösteri Merkezi.

February 23 – I Solisti Aquilani: one of the orchestras witch is one of the most representative in the Italian musical panorama will be at CRR Konser Salonu.

February 24 – Monty Alexander Trio: Monty Alexander has been a Jamaican jazz pianist for over 50 years, his style is influenced by Caribbean rhythms, you can find him at the CRR Konser Salonu.

February 25 – Evrencan Gündüz: the little prince of Turkish independent rock is on stage at the If Performance Hall of Beşiktaş.

Melisa Karakurt

February 26 – Melisa Karakurt:The young Turkish Finnish singer mixes jazz, funk, blues, and R&B, she will be on stage at the Kadiköy Sahne.

February 27 – Khontkar: he is one of the new stars of Turkish rap, he will be at the  If Performance Hall of Beşiktaş.

February 28 – Murda: the Turkish / Dutch rapper and known in Turkey for his collaboration with the rap star, Ezhel, he will be on stage at the If Performance Hall of Beşiktaş.

February 29 – Hezarfen Ensemble: he group of turkish musicians is internationally recognized for the energy of their musical performance. This adventure is to be found in the cistern of the Şerefiye Sarnici.

February 29 – Gypsy Devils Orchestra: the Gypsy Devils orchestra of Slovak origin with musical combinations ranging from jazz to classical music through traditional gypsy songs is to be found at the CRR Konser Salonu.

Otto Barok

February 29 – Garou: the very famous Quebec singer will be on the stage of the Volkswagen Arena.

February 29 – Mirkelam: the Turkish singer who became known in 1995 for his song “Her Gece” and who then became a star will be at the Dorock XL of Kadiköy.

February 29 – Otto Barok Konserleri: this opera song concert from the beginning of the renaissance to the end of the baroque period will take place in the 185 year old church called Yeldeğirmeni Sanat.


February 6 to February 8 – Yeni ve en yeni Müzik Festivali:

This three-day festival is to be discovered in the Sevgi Gönül auditorium and in other Arter performance halls. An intense musical experience which will take place under the artistic direction of Matthias Osterwold.Built around five concerts, the three-day program mixes classical and electronic music. At the rendezvous, the Rundfunk performance “Radio Broadcasting” by Enno Poppe which reproduces thanks to the computer, instruments that are missing or difficult to program to recompose the sound of the 60s and 70s or the performance of the trio of Mazen Kerbaj Introduced “Wormholes” a duet between abstract drawing and music without forgetting the performance of Alva Noto, a combination of sound and light frequencies with minimal aesthetics.

From January 23 to February 13 – The Quiet Volume:

Arter presents The Quiet Volume by Ant Hampton and Tim Etchells, a 60-minute performance live in Arter’s library. Organized by Selen Ansen, The Quiet Volume is a whispered audio performance that invites viewers to become readers on a journey through books, worlds and words.The Quiet Volume exploits the particular tension present in any library in the world through headphones. The performance can only be experienced by two participants at a time, in Turkish or English. A free experience to discover at the Arter Contemporary Museum.

Until March 29 – Andy Warhol & Pop Art:

The works of Andy Warhol, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and one of the most important artists of the American Pop Art movement, will meet his art lovers at the UniqExpo. Organized by Begüm Alkoçlar, the exhibition will present his 90 works, including the most famous: “Marilyn Monroe”, “Campbell Soup” and “Flowers”. Pop Art pioneers, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist and the 40 works by Robert Indiana will also be exhibited for the first time in Istanbul at the UniqExpo.

Until July 23 – Esneyen zaman, büyüleyen renkler:

Discover the world of world art star Bill Viola at Borusan Contemporary. The exhibition is located in the Perili Köşk built in 1911; architectural beauty. Open only on weekends, you will have the opportunity to discover the video art of Bill Viola and feel like in meditation forgetting the presence of other visitors. Slow motion videos show the reaction of 19 men and women of different ethnicities, ages and styles to the pressure of the water. A discovery not to be missed!




The atmosphere of the stadiums in Turkey is often explosive while remaining friendly. Here are the matches to come this month, note the derby between Fenerbahçe & Galatasaray on February 23 in Kadıköy:

Turkish League:

  • February 8: Fenerbahçe VS Alanyaspor at the Şükrü Saraçoğlu stadium
  • February 8: Beşiktaş VS Gaziantep at Vodafone Park
  • February 16: Galatasaray VS Malatyaspor at the Türk Telekom stadium
  • February 22: Beşiktaş VS Trabzonspor at Vodafone Park
  • February 23: Fenerbahçe VS Galatasaray at the Şükrü Saraçoğlu stadium

We can finally find you places after years of absence, if you want more information : contact us !


Anadolu Efes VS Fenerbahçe

The EuroLeague of basketball (EuroLeague) continues to bring together this year the 18 best basketball clubs in the FIBA Europe zone with a good position in the classification for the Turkish team of Anadolu Efes Istanbul which is placed first and can hope a qualification for the playoffs.

  • February 6: Anadolu Efes VS Zalgiris
  • February 7: Fenerbahçe VS Maccabi Tel Aviv
  • February 20: Fenerbahçe VS Real Madrid

For other activities that we offer in February 2020 click here!

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