March’s cultural events

What do, what to see in March in Istanbul?

With March and the arrival of Spring many events are planned in Istanbul, including the first Sonar music festival between March 19 and March 20 at the Zorlu Center PSM, the 6th Akbank Short Film Festival and many others … Between sports, concerts, shows and many exhibitions you will not have time get bored in March in Istanbul. Here is the program:


March 3 – Tania Giannouli Ensemble: the Greek jazz pianist will be in concert at the Borusan Müzik Evi.
March 3 – Grails: the internationally known American psychedelic rock band will be on the stage of the Zorlu Center PSM.
March 3 – Andres Mustonen: le violoniste et chef d’orchestre estonien ayant dans sa carrière dirigé l’Orchestre de chambre de Tallinn et l’Orchestre symphonique national d’Estonie est en concert au Grand Pera Emek Sahnesi.
March 3 – Radyo Eksen Partisi: Istanbul’s most famous rock radio organizes like every semester a big party in Babylon.
March 4 & 5 – 100% Metal Fest: the 100% Metal festival brings together Turkish and international metal bands at the Küçükçiftlik Park. Do not miss it if you’re a metal fan!
March 4 – Kardeş Türküler & Candan Erçetin: the Kardeş Türküler are contemporary Turkish folk-ethnic music band they will be accompanied at the Volkswagen arena by the Turkish singer of Albanian origin very known in Turkey: Candan Erçetin.
March 4 – Abstraxion: the French Dj from Paris will mix at Babylon.
March 6 – Dhafer Youssef: the Tunisian composer, singer and oudist whose music is nourished by Sufi traditions, Arabic lyricism, multicultural influences and instrumentation drawn from jazz and improvisation will be at the CRR konser Salonu.
March 6 – Sıla: the Turkish pop music singer will be at the TIM Show Center, she is at much appreciated as hated by a part of the population for her political positions.
March 8 – Trio Ivoire: the Trio Ivoire merges the personal roots of African and European jazz traditions and unites the African balafon with the piano, the drums with the electronics to create a contemporary sound without comparison. At Akbank Sanat.
March 9 – Istanbul Opera Orkestrası: David Garrett, one of the most famous violinists in the world, will be on stage of the Iş Sanat Kültür Merkezi for a Tchaikovsky night. He will be accompanied by the Istanbul Opera Orchestra under the direction of the music director of the Caracas Youth Orchestra, Dietrich Paredes.
March 10 – Stavroz: pushing the boundaries of House music, Stavroz will be back on the stage of Babylon with a performance not to be missed!
March 10 – Kaan Düzarat: the Turkish DJ is known for his aerial and relaxing music, he will mix at the Babylon for the after party after Stavroz’s mix.
March 11 – Roman Flügel: the talented DJ and German producer of electronic music will be at Garajistanbul.
March 14 – Gökçe Kılınçer: the new diva of Turkish music is in concert at Babylon. If you are in Istanbul we recommend you to go there without hesitation, her talent and her voice are worth the detour!
March 15 – Kalben: the other new diva of Turkish pop with influences rocks is in concert at the Sabancı Üniversite Gösteri Merkezi.
March 16 – Kaan Tangöze: the leader of the well-known Turkish rock band Duman is trying his solo in Babylon. We advice him to you for his deep and dark music.
March 17 – Gonzalo Rubalcaba: the Cuban jazz pianist with a Grammy award for his music will be at the Iş Sanat Kültür Merkezi.
March 17 – Winter Scene: many artists of rock and Turkish pop like Gripin, Pinhani, No Land, Birileri and many others have met at the third and last edition of the Winter Festival at the Küçülçiftlik Park.
March 18 – Sertab Erener: the Turkish pop singer, whose tessitura is 5 octaves, known in Europe by winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003, is in concert at the TIM Show Center.
March 19 – Teoman: the Turkish rock star, the tenebrous Teoman, will be performing at the Bostancı Gösteri Merkezi
March 22 – Tinariwen: Tinariwen is like a large family of Tuareg artists, a cultural movement and a musical current. Their music, Assouf, which means in Tamasheq the loneliness and nostalgia is a synthesises between blues, rock and Tuareg traditional music. At the Zorlu Center PSM.
23 mars – Duman: the Turkish rock band Duman is very popular in Turkey for it’s music but also because there outspokenness, they will be in Dorock XL the night of March 23rd.
March 24 & 25 – Sonar Istanbul: the festival of music, creativity and technology Sonar will travel to Istanbul Zorlu Center PSM tor the first time on March 24 and March 25. The festival takes place in Barcelona since 1994, bringing a new and avant-garde approach to electronic music. For more information:
March 24 – IDSO: the Istanbul Symphony Orchestra is performing at Fulya Sanat.
March 25 – Country For Syria: Country For Syria is an Istanbul-based collective with members from the United States, Syria, Turkey, the Czech Republic and France. Its mission is to help refugees and those affected by conflicts. They will be in concert at Creatolye.
March 25 – Jose Carreras: the Spanish tenor known for his interpretations of works by Verdi, Donizetti and Puccini will be at the Ülker Sports Arena.
March 25 – Pentagram: the American group of heavy metal with 40 years of career and known to be the precursors of the genre will be in concert at the Volkswagen arena.
March 27 – Onder Focan & Şalliel Bros: the musician and founder of the Nardis Jazz Club, one of the most respected jazz clubs in Istanbul, will be joined by the jazz group Şalliel Bros for a funky concert! At the Nardis Jazz Club.
March 27 – Yavuz Bingöl: the singer and actor and musician of Turkish folk music is on the stage of the CRR Concert Hall.

March 29 – Peyk: the Turkish singer with rhythms mixing soul, rock, rap and reggae is at the Kadiköy Sahne.
March- Kalben: the rising star of Turkish pop with rock influences is in concert at the IF Performance Hall of Beşiktaş.
March 30 & 31 – Ilhan Erşahin Wonderland: often seen as one of the best Turkish saxophonists, Ilhan Erşahin is also an ambassador of the jazz music in the world, he has two jazz clubs, Nublu, one in New York and one in Istanbul. He will be in concert in Babylon in order to play Wonderland!
March 31 – Athena Akustik: the rock/punk Turkish group will be at the Zorlu Center PSM for an acoustic version of their best known titles.


From March 1 to March 18 – West Side StoryOne of the most important musicals in Broadway history, West Side Story, arrives in town with 21 performances between the 1st and the 18th of March 2017 on the main stage of the Zorlu Center PSM. This emblematic musical traces the competition between the Puerto Rican gang ‘The Sharks’ and the American gang ‘The Jets’ in the streets of New York, focusing on the love story of Tony and Maria, members of the two opposing gangs. At the Zorlu Center PSM.

March 11 – Macbeth / A nightmare for two The Turkish theater troupe BeReZe interprets Macbeth / A nightmare for two at Sahne Pulchérie on March 11th. The play is in Turkish with English subtitles. Tickets are available at the door after 6:30 pm on the day of the performance, or at the Lamelif bookstore opposite the school on the Çukurluçeşme Sokak.

From March 13 to March 23 –  Akbank Sanat’s Short Film FestivalThe festival of the short film Akbank returns like every spring beginning for its 13 th consecutive year. This year more than 101 films from 37 countries will be in competition broadcast to spectators. For more information :

From March 29 to April 3 – Istanbul international dance festival Considered as one of the best Latin dance festivals in the world and gathering more than 3,500 dancers from 80 countries, the 6th Istanbul International Dance Festival (IIDF) will be held between March 29 March April 3 2017.

The event will start on the night of March 29 with a welcome party. Participants will have the opportunity to join  various workshops, training camps, parties, live concerts and to see amazing performances by world-renowned dance artists and performing groups. At the Hilton Bosphorus.


Until May 7 – Cold Front from the Balkans at the Pera MuzesiThe exhibition “Cold in the Balkans” organized by Ali Akay and Alenka Gregorič brings together contemporary artists from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Of Slovenia.

The exhibition focuses on different generations of artists and artistic groups in the Balkan region. The exhibition avoids the usual inevitably unflattering political connotations of the region and focuses on a natural phenomenon – the wind. The title of the exhibition refers to a well-known expression in Turkish: “the cold wind blowing from the Balkans” which transmits the arrival of winter and is commonly used in television weather reports.

The works presented range from video to photography, from drawing to installation, and aim to create a new dialogue between Balkan artists of different generations and to provide a new point of view for the viewer.

Artists in their time – until June 4 at the Istanbul Modern 
The exhibition “Artists in their time” deals with the way artists put their work and themselves in a spacetime frame. The starting point of the exhibition is the quote from Turkish artist Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, “I am neither in time nor completely outside of it”. His views on time highlight the relationship that artists have on the past, the present and the future. The exhibition brings together works of different regions, periods and disciplines. The themes of the exhibition are abstract art, feminist approaches, urban culture, stories of Istanbul lives, non-violence, the search for identity, the concept of metropolis and an understanding of Anatolian peoples. At the Istanbul Modern.



Watching a football game in Istanbul is an experience not to be missed, the atmosphere of the stadiums is often explosive while remaining good-natured. Here are the games we advise you in January and February 2017:

Turkish League: at the time we are writing this lines, the Beşiktaş is leading the championship with 4 points ahead of the Istanbul Başakşehir. Without a miracle, the title will be played between the two clubs.

March 5 – Fenerbahçe VS Osmanlıspor at the Şükrü Saraçoglu Stadium
March 12 – Beşiktaş VS Kayserispor at the Vodafone Arena
March 12 – Galatasaray VS Gençlerbirliği at the Türk Telekom Arena
March 19 – Fenerbahçe VS Konya at the Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium

Beşiktaş is the last Turkish club competing in the European competition, they will play the 16th round of the final against Olympiacos, the matches between the Turkish teams and our Greek neighbors are often explosive, so do not miss it!

March 16 – Beşiktaş VS Olympiacos at the Vodafone Arena

To buy your tickets get on Passolig, if you want more information contact us!

BasketballWatching a Basketball game in Istanbul is also an unforgettable experience, especially since Turkish clubs have been competitive in Europe for a number of years. Last year Fenerbahçe lost at the last minute in the final of Euroleague (the equivalent of the European NBA or the Champions League of basketball) and Galatasaray won the Eurocup against Strasbourg (the equivalent of the Europa League of basketball). But this is not all, Istanbul has currently 4 teams in Euroleague (Efes, Darüşşafaka, Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe), and all want this year to grab the grail. The atmosphere in the basketball stadiums is as crazy as in the football stadiums, so do not miss it! Here are the matches to follow in the next two months:

Find all the fixings and schedules on, for tickets and more information contact us!

Boxe – Ring Masters Olympia Boxing16 boxers will fight to reach the golden belt of Turkey and to be able to take the way of the championship of the world.The professional boxing champion Hunkar Sword boksta will fight in the opening match. Boxers Umut Camkıran and Agit Kabayel will climb the ring to win the belt in the heavyweight category. For more information:

For the other activities we propose you in March 2017 click here!

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