Summer’s specials

From May to October, summer settles in Istanbul, and the temperature rises. It is now out of question to lock up in bars or closed clubs, Istanbul residents want to go eat, drink and have fun outdoors. Some people come in restaurants and nightclubs with private boats, the hip clubs of The Bosphorus often require a formal dresscode and a reservation. So where to go for a drink? Where to go to party?


On the banks of the Bosphorus in the district of Ortakoy, Angelique is one of the classic night clubs of Istanbul. More intimate and less touristic than the famous Reina, it has a terrace with fantastic views on the Bosphorus Bridge and Detroit. If you like to party with glitters it’s the place to go. This club has two levels offering two atmospheres;  pop music on the first floor and electronic music on the second. Try to book before getting there or go early around midnight if you don’t want to encounter difficulties at the door.


It is the most famous club in Istanbul, you can even see some ads of it waiting for your luggage at the airport. The music is really mainstream and the crowd is a mix between turists and locals wanting to show off ! But it is still worth a look, because this is THE classic club of the Bosphorus and if you are with good people it will always be a lot of fun!

Suma Beach


Imagine a beach with a forest next to it, then imagine festival like events every weekends with DJ’s from Berlin: it’s Suma Beach! Every summer weekends, the beach of the North of Istanbul brings a amazing line up of DJ playing in the forest at night and on the beach during the day. It attracts thousands of people for partying and it’s pretty good!


It’s a beautiful  club on a rooftop in the district of Beyoglu, the view is amazing and the place is itself very beautiful. The music is a bit old fashioned, but if you want to dance on hits from a few years ago and retro songs, that’s the place for you! There is also a lot of cool restaurants at a walking distance which make this spot perfect for a drink in the area!


As its name indicates, Backyard is a beautiful backyard overhanging the Bosphorus in Bebeköy. This is the perfect place for an afterwork cocktail, it gets crowded during the week and the overall ambiance is really friendly and laid-back. Perfect for a drink before Lucca!

La Boom

Located in Emirgan, an upscale neighborhood on the Bosphorus, La Boom is a bistro/bar that attracts the rich kids of Istanbul during the weekends. It’s a cool place to start your evening.  There is also a brunch on Sundays from 10 am to 15h with a wide selection of meats, cheese, eggs etc, that you can enjoy on the terrace watching the boats passing on the Bosphorus. Note that their is also a “not so secret anymore” little cabaret in the Pizza Emirgan just next to it, with some Turkish singers and musicians playing live music.

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