The best swimming pools in Istanbul

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What are the most beautiful swimming pools in Istanbul?

Summer in Istanbul is very warm, especially in July and August. During your stay, you will wonder how you can refresh and relax in a city that never stops. A good idea may be to go to the pool or beach (find our article on the most beautiful beaches in Istanbul).

The entrance fees of outdoor pools are often quite high, however, it is often justified by their exceptional location and high-quality service. In some of them, you will also have access to the spa, sauna, and other facilities for a full relaxing day.

Here’s our selection of the best pools in Istanbul:



Beautiful and spacious pool located in a hotel next to the Bosphorus. You can enjoy the bar in addition to the swimming pool.

Prices: 2000 TL during the week and 3000 TL in weekends.
Address: Barbaros Bulvarý Yildiz Street, Besiktas, İstanbul
Website: Conrad Istanbul Hotel
Phone number: +90 212 310 25 25



Beautiful swimming pool in the large Swiss hotel’s park close to Dolmabahçe. You can also have lunch in the restaurant at the poolside, who serves very good grilled meats over a wood fire.

You will also have access to the  Spa & Sport Services and a wellness area and fitness facilities.

Prices: 2250 TL from Monday to Thursday and 2750 TL from Friday till Sunday, open from 8 am to 10 pm.
Address: Maçka Talim Yeri Sk, İstanbul
Website: Swiss Hotel Bosphorus
Phone number: +90 212 326 29 90



Located in the upscale Çiragan Palace, this pool is on the Bosphorus. The entrance also allows you to enjoy the indoor pool, sauna, and gym.

Prices: 300€ per day including lunch. Reservation required. Closed on Sunday.
Address: Yıldız, Çırağan Cd. No:32, Beşiktaş, İstanbul
Website: Çirağan Palace Kempinski
Phone number: +90 212 326 46 46



Located in the Grand Hyatt Hotel next to the famous Taksim Square, this pool is perfect when the wheater gets warm in Istanbul.

Prices: Please contact the hotel.
Address: Harbiye Mah. Taskisla Caddesi No.1, Şişli, İstanbul
Website: Grand Hyatt
Phone number: +90 212 368 12 34


This great pool located in the InterContinental Hotel is close to the Taksim square. It’s great, especially in summer days.

Prices: Please contact the hotel.
Address: Asker Ocağı Cad. No:1 Taksim, İstanbul
Website: InterContinental Istanbul
Phone number: +90 212 368 44 44


the-grand-tarabya Open between 9 am and 8 pm, it is a beautiful swimming pool in the best hotel in Tarabya, a small cove located north of the Bosphorus. More than the pool, you will have access to the spa, fitness, sauna, and steam room.

You can enjoy lunch in the hotel bar, the Pool bar, also serving excellent cocktails and soft drinks.

Price: Please contact the hotel.
Address: Kireçburnu Mh., Haydar Aliyev Cd No:74, İstanbul                                                                               
Website: The Grand Tarabya
Phone number: +90 212 363 33 00

Feel free to share your thoughts on your day at the pool in the comments.

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