Summer in Istanbul

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What to do in summer in Istanbul?

From mid-June until mid-October the summer heat settles permanently in Istanbul. During the summer in Istanbul, the hottest months are July and August, the temperature can reach 35 degrees celsius.

Summer is also the time of the year in which Istanbul is the quietest. The Istanbulites usually spend their holidays in their hometowns or in the many resorts in Turkey. The city is emptied of its residents, the traffic declines and it becomes very easy to get around the city, to enjoy the shores of the Bosphorus, the Black Sea or the Marmara, and to breathe some fresh air out of the heat of the city.

The summer months are part of the high tourism season in Istanbul. Museums and monuments stay open longer than during the winter.

You will find below a list of activities to do especially in the summer, especially during the warmest days.


Nothing better to enjoy a warm day than go boating. We can take you to small coves for swimming and to restaurants accessible by boat. You can also rent a boat at night to party on board or even dock in the nightclubs of the Bosphorus.

We can take care of organizing your day and the boat rental: rent a boat in Istanbul.

We also propose cruises in small groups, more info here: small group cruises on the Bosphorus.


Want to get away, to relax on the Sea of Marmara, to discover the Princes’ Islands? Then, this activity is for you. Throughout the day, you will be able to swim in the small coves of the archipelago, eat in some charming local restaurants and discover a place away from the chaos of the city.  We can also propose a half-day during which you will assist the captain in his maneuvers.

For mor infos: Sailing in Istanbul.


The fishing season begins in September, the summer is not the best time to eat fish. To refresh after a good day, nothing better than a good meal with lots of cold mezzes and rakı. Rakı is the national drink, it’s an anise liquor that is similar to Pastis or Ouzo. For the story, the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was very fond of it. It even happened to him together with his advisors to do “rakı sofrası”, they were debating drinking rakı. It is very common to drink Rrkı in fish restaurants. This is called doing a “rakı balık” (“balık” means “fish”).

Find our selection of the best fish and mezes restaurants in Istanbul.


Istanbul is bordered by the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. Especially along the Black Sea, you will find many sandy beaches.

Find our selection of the best beaches in Istanbul.

In the city, there are also numerous swimming pools. Admissions are more expensive than the beaches but they have the advantage of being mostly in the heart of Istanbul.

Find also our selection of the best swimming pools in Istanbul.


The archipelago of the Princes’ Islands is very nice to escape the warmth of Istanbul. We advise you to go there during the summer weekdays rather than the weekends when the islands are assaulted by Istanbulites and tourists. You will also find on the islands small beaches (unfortunately without sand) that will allow you to relax and swim in the Sea of Marmara.


It is the largest forest in Istanbul, it is also a beautiful promenade where you can find many activities such as horse riding, paintballing or quad biking. 

We can organize you this day and these activities, do not hesitate to contact us.


In addition to the big clubs of the Bosphorus, many festivals are held around the city. Find the list of coming festivals here: concerts and festival section.

During the summer our favorite partying spot is Suma Beach, where every week-ends they are festivals like parties with famous DJ mixing.


For those staying more than 5-6 days in Istanbul, it may be interesting to make a trip out of Istanbul, in the neighboring towns which are also charged in history or in the resorts near the city, away from the torpor of Istanbul.


If you want to discover more about İstanbul and its culture and way of life, here are some examples to dive into the hectic daily routine of this city.


Istanbul has a really active and fun nighlife. Many concerts are organized during the year and specially during the summer. Singers from all over the world come to sing in front of the turkish crowd and many tourists go there too. Here is our little selection of the things you can do in İstanbul this summer:

  • TOM ODELL, July the 1st 2022, at 4:00 am.
    İn the Küçükçiflik parc in Istanbul,
    Prices and tickets are available here.
  • TOVE LO, July the 9th 2022, at 6:00 pm.
    İn the Küçükçiflik parc in Istanbul,
    Prices and tickets are available here.
  • MANESKİN, July the 23rd 2022, at 5:00 pm
    İn the Küçükçiflik parc in Istanbul,
    Prices and tickets are available here.
  • NİCK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS, August the 21st 2022.
    Prices and tickets, and location are here.

The Küçükçiflik parc is located near Dolmabahçe Palace. For more informations about concerts or cultural events, you can click here.

Exhibitions and cultural events

These days, you can go to the exhibition “David Hockney: The Arrival of Spring, Normandy, 2020” in the Sakıp Sabancı Museum. The exhibition is available until July 29th.
For more informations, you can click here.

The permanent exhibition in the Museum of the Caricature and of the dark humor shows many caricatures that have passed these last decades. The museum is located in Beyoğlu and open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm everyday except on Mondays and Sundays.

The 27 and 28 of June is organized the ballet “Anna Karenina” by the ballet of Zürich, on the stage of Zorlu PSM Turkcell at 8:30 pm. Tickets and informations are available here.

Bars and trendy areas

Istanbul is always moving, during day and night, it doesn’t stop. Some streets and districts are known to be attractive and trendy. This is our selection of the best streets to go for a walk or to have a drink.

Beyoğlu/Istiklal : This area is known for its shops and many bars. Istiklal street is filled with bars and cafes open until late at night. Istiklal street is also very frequented and lively at night.

Cihangir : The Cihangir district is known for its pretty houses and antiques sellers, but also for its bars and restaurants. You will also find the delicious historically known pastry shop: the Savoy Pastry Shop.

Karaköy : In the Karaköy district, there are a multitude of bars, scattered along the narrow streets that lead to Beyoğlu. Many establishments have settled on the street in front of the Galata Tower. The bars with the terraces have a nice view of the majestically illuminated Galata Tower.

Moda /Kadiköy : On the Asian side, the Moda district is known for being a neighborhood very frequented by young people. When they go out in the evening to have fun, Turks usually consume their meal in pubs or restaurants before buying a drink and settling down by the sea. The descents from Moda to the Kadıköy piers are overflowing with restaurants and bars, as well as shops, usually open until 22:00 pm, and the streets are filled with people. If you live on the European side, however, remember to check the schedules of the boats (which are usually in service until 00:00 am) otherwise you will have to return by bus, dolmuş or taxi…

We wish you a pleasant stay in Istanbul! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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